It is widely known that music has a deep impact on people’s mental and physical state. Different types of music can affect you in different ways. For example, fast beats can help you stay alert, focused, cheerful. Slower music can help you unwind after a stressful day by relaxing your mind and body. In any case, music is often used for relaxation, mood uplifting, stress management, and sometimes even therapy.

So, what exactly is “calming music” and what are its benefits?

Calming Music Benefits

Calming music can be of any genre, style, or sound. However, the common denominators that all calming music have are a rhythm of approximately 60 beats per minute and frequencies from 8-14 Hz (also known as alpha brainwaves). Both of these things can directly cause alpha brainwaves in our brains, which are generally present every time we are feeling relaxed. This type of music can also induce deep sleep, during which a delta brainwave of 5 Hz is present. In order to achieve this, a would have to spend at least forty-five minutes listening to calming music.

Calming music has even deeper effects than simple relaxation. A 2006 research by Standford University researchers has shown that exposure to calming music can have such profound effects so as to change brain functioning to similar extents as medication.

Many other health benefits of calming music have been recorded in the past, while many more keep being discovered. For example, the relaxing effect of calming music can even soothe and get rid of migraines. If you’re interested in other home remedies, make sure to check out SureHealthRemedy, which features a multitude of completely natural ways to boost your health and alleviate your migraine. On their website, they discuss how the root cause of migraines ties into anxiety and stress. They also feature great home remedies that help reduce migraine symptoms, which could come in handy if you’re looking for other de-stressing methods, apart from calming music.

Types of Calming Music

The good news about calming music is that you can choose from a plethora of genres that suit your tastes. For example, indigenous music, such as Celtic, Native American, and flutes and stringed instruments from India are proven to have a deeply relaxing impact on the brain. But, you don’t even have to listen to human-made music to reap the benefits of relaxing music – natural sounds, such as rain, thunder, waves, and birds are also very relaxing. Luckily, you can find most of these sounds on YouTube nowadays.

How to Choose the Best Calming Music

Not everyone is a trained musician who can determine the beats per minute of any type of music, and artists rarely inform their fans of the beats per minute in their songs. Choosing relaxing music can sometimes be a bit tricky if you don’t know what you’re looking for. However, “calming” means different things to different people – what’s important is that you find a type of music or sounds that relax you. Not every type of calming music will calm everyone, but may instead irritate some users and cause stress rather than reduce it.

So – find whatever type of calming music suits YOU and get to producing those alpha brainwaves!