Regardless of whether you are young or old, you’re probably here because you’re a fan of 80’s dance music – and we don’t blame you. If you’re the type who likes to complement the retro furniture in your home with some cool 80’s bangers, this is where you can read all about the 80’s dance music era.

Many people even today believe that the 80’s was the best, most influential and groundbreaking era in the history of modern music. Music Choice conducted a survey in 2010 with 11,000 participants in order to determine people’s favorite music era. Unsurprisingly, the large majority of participants voted for 1980’s music. There are many reasons as to why this may objectively be so, with no underlying nostalgic bias.

How 80’s Music Became Popular

One of those reasons is that the decade saw a massive improvement in music equipment. Musical instruments of much higher quality were manufactured together with high-quality amplification and sound reproduction, which in turn pioneered huge strides in music production. This liberated musicians in many ways, allowing them to focus more on their music and art. They were no longer limited by poor music equipment, and they were able to reach bigger audiences by performing in big arenas and outdoor venues. The style of on-stage performance started to change in order to cater to these new audiences and venues, as well.

Why Is 80’s Music Unique

There are several things that make the 80’s sound very distinct from any other music era. The vocals in 80’s music resemble opera voices. The rhythm tracks were reverberated, with strong bass riffs carrying the entire melody. This naturally inspired new dance moves and created what is known as the 80’s dance music. Disco music from the 70’s was no longer popular, so the entirety of the dance scene was taken over by the 80’s style music, starting from dance music to rock music which still enjoyed a wide audience.

80’s Music Today

Today, we have advanced music reproduction devices, which can make music recorded several decades ago sound a little out-dated. Luckily, some artists and musicians today are making high-quality remixes or re-uploads of 80’s music that you can listen to with incredible quality using your noise-canceling headphones.

With younger generations turning to the 80’s music and some contemporary artists mimicking the sound in their songs, we believe that our favorite 1980’s music era will live on for much, much longer.